During the fall season in Brandon, Mississippi, the temperatures and climate conditions can fluctuate drastically. Dealing with a heatwave or a cold front can make it difficult to manage your monthly energy bills during this time of the year. Follow a few tips to keep your energy costs under control throughout the fall.

Set a Thermostat Schedule

The first tip to manage your monthly energy costs is to set a schedule on your thermostat that incorporates all the times you’re typically at home and away from the house. You can easily make adjustments as needed. But establishing a set schedule can help you save because it lessens the number of times the heating or cooling system has to cycle on and off, which uses more energy.

Update Your Landscaping

The landscaping you choose on your property will also impact the comfort level of your home. Adding more trees to your yard creates shade, which can limit direct sunlight. When the sun is shining on your home, the rays can raise the temperature during the hot months of the year.

As you consider which plants to add, think about using deciduous. They will drop their leaves during the winter and allow more sunlight to warm up your home naturally. As a result, they can help to minimize your heating costs.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-up

Regular maintenance is an essential aspect of caring for your heating and cooling system. A furnace tune-up performed by a skilled service technician will ensure that your unit is operating properly and efficiently. As a result, it will waste less energy throughout the changing seasons. That’s because it’ll direct heated or cooled air to the various rooms of your home with minimal loss.

Use a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can also help with efficiency because they move air to improve ventilation. Using the ceiling fans in your home can help you maintain a comfortable atmosphere without wasting energy. Remember to set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise in the winter.

Do you need to schedule your furnace maintenance service? Contact the HVAC experts at Modern Air today at (601) 202-5968.

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