When anything goes amiss in your Clinton, MS, house, your first reaction may be to look for a solution online and then head to your nearby DIY store to purchase the supplies you’ll need. However, it’s best to leave some jobs to service technicians. Here are four risks associated with trying to repair your heat pump on your own:

High Risk of Injury

The most apparent reason to avoid completing heat pump repairs on your own is that you can’t do it safely. You run the danger of electrocuting or injuring yourself if you don’t have the right education and training. When that danger combines with the possibility of starting a home fire, it’s simple to understand why fixing your heat pump yourself is a bad idea.

Further Damage

As you’re inexperienced, you risk turning what would have been a simple fix for service technicians into a more serious issue. The money you attempted to save by doing the repair on your own is then wasted on having service technicians come in to remedy the problem caused by your repair. When attempting to repair your heat pump on your own, you run the danger of damaging it and having to replace it.

You’ll Void the Warranty

Heat pump manufacturers provide warranties on their equipment against failures caused by manufacturing faults. However, they frequently request confirmation that a licensed service technician performed any past repairs and maintenance on the equipment. A DIY repair may void your warranty if your heat pump is still on warranty.

Refrigerant Leaks

A heat pump uses refrigerant. Your incompetence while handling a heat pump repair on your own may cause a refrigerant leak in your Clinton, MS, home. Asphyxia, disorientation and other respiratory problems are common — serious signs of a refrigerant leak.

Ultimately, the dangers of completing your own heat pump repair aren’t worth the gain. Contact Modern Air for your air conditioning needs in Clinton, MS. We also provide fast and reliable indoor air quality and commercial HVAC services.

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