A well-functioning heat pump is a household essential in the heart of Jackson, MS, where the climate can be extremely hot. Yet, heat pumps can encounter issues over time, like any mechanical system. Here are some reasons that homeowners in our area need heat pump repair services:

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant facilitates the cooling of air before the system pushes it throughout your home. If you have a refrigerant leak, the system cannot adequately cool the air before it comes through your vents.

Professional heat pump repair services can detect leaks, seal them effectively and restore your heat pump’s performance.

Outdoor Unit Iced Over

An iced-over outdoor unit can be a common sight in Jackson’s fluctuating weather. However, it’s not normal, and ice accumulation indicates potential issues such as clogged filters, low refrigerant levels or malfunctioning defrost controls. Ignoring the ice can impair the unit’s efficiency and lead to more serious problems.

Broken Reversing Valve

The reversing valve switches the heat pump between heating and cooling modes. This issue demands specialized knowledge, highlighting the importance of professional intervention to guarantee correct repair or replacement of the valve.

Electrical Failure

Electrical issues like faulty wiring, malfunctioning capacitors or damaged electrical connections can disrupt the system. Attempting electrical repairs without expertise can be dangerous and result in further damage. Skilled HVAC service technicians can safely identify and fix electrical failures, restoring your heat pump’s functionality.

If you recognize any of the signs that you need heat pump repair, don’t try to tackle the job on your own. Instead, choose our team of highly trained, licensed professionals. Contact us at Modern Air to schedule a heat pump repair or learn about the rest of our HVAC services designed to keep your home comfortable, efficient and safe.

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