Big box stores in the Clinton, MS, area often work out well as the only stop you need for buying many things, but there’s debate about whether you should get a furnace from one of them. Keep reading to find out five reasons you shouldn’t buy a furnace from a big retailer:

Outdated Information

Retail workers in big box stores can usually tell you a few general things about the hundreds of products in their stock. These generalists can’t give you expert advice about specific furnaces, though. They’re not likely to know the finer points of heating systems, nor will they keep up with recent industry trends.

Different Goals

When you need to buy a furnace for your home, you want the best system money can buy. A retail worker probably won’t share that goal. They’re either looking to meet a sales quota, or they might just want to wrap up the conversation as quickly as possible so they can resume other duties.

Warranty Issues

If you’re looking for a new furnace because of an expensive heating repair, you’ll want to know about the warranty of a new system. An HVAC contractor knows the ins and outs of a warranty. That includes whether you need to register it by a certain deadline. Some contractors even handle warranty registration for you and give you pointers on how to prevent voiding the coverage.

Help Choosing

When shopping, you need to make choices about features you want along with energy efficiency and how much you’re willing to spend. An industry expert has facts and information to share with you about every factor for each system you’re considering, whereas a sales associated at a big box storm will not be able to help you as much.

Sizing and Capacity

A furnace needs to have just the right capacity to heat your home. Something under-powered will never be efficient. Even something overpowered can pose risks or drawbacks. You need to work with someone who can do the right load calculations unique to your home. That’s why you should partner with a reputable HVAC professional.

When buying a system from an HVAC professional, you’ll have all the facts to make an informed choice and feel satisfied. Contact Modern Air for your home’s heating installation needs and services. We’ll ensure your furnace is the right fit for your house.

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