Your home’s air quality is important for your family’s health, and warm weather brings its own concerns. High temperatures, seasonal air contaminants, humidity and other factors related to the warm weather affect the air inside your home. Here are the top reasons to improve your indoor air quality inside in Jackson, MS:

Seasonal Pollutants Cause Serious Respiratory Issues

The warm springtime air is a welcome change after the cold winter months. But the airborne irritants that come with it certainly are not, especially for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Pollen, dust and other pathogens can easily make their way indoors via open windows and doors, causing misery for anyone who deals with allergies. Polluted air even causes perfectly healthy individuals to develop serious respiratory issues.

High Humidity Levels Exacerbate Serious Lung Health Issues

Heated air retains moisture. The higher the temperature, the greater the amount of humidity present in the air. Elevated humidity levels can cause serious, even life-threatening health problems for individuals with COPD, asthma and other dangerous lung conditions.

A service technician can ensure that your HVAC system is in top working order to remove excess moisture in the indoor air. Maintenance includes inspecting your system for clean air filters. It’ll also involve ensuring that your system’s drain lines and pans don’t have obstructions.

Extreme Weather Conditions Cause Indoor Air Quality Issues

Rain and thunderstorms can affect your home’s indoor air quality. As a result, they can create harmful conditions for your loved ones inside your home. We’ve already talked about the health issues caused by high humidity levels in your home. But rainy weather brings even more problems. If the moisture finds its way into a house through leaks around doors, windows, basements and roofs, problems like the formation of hazardous biological contaminants will occur inside walls, floors and other areas of your home.

The moisture causes structural damage and the breakdown of furniture, books, paintings, photographs and virtually anything inside your home. It’s important to repair any leaks in your house right away. As a result, you’ll protect your property and keep your loved ones healthy.

Your home‘s air quality is a top priority. Don’t trust it to anyone but the professionals. Contact Modern Air for an inspection to make sure your HVAC system is working its best to keep the air in your home clean and safe.

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