Even if you’ve already had annual maintenance for the cooling side of your HVAC system, you still need another inspection before autumn turns to winter. Fall maintenance is necessary for the furnace or heat pump in your in Madison, MS, home. By scheduling it right way, you’ll ensure it’s in optimal working condition when cold weather arrives.

What Does Fall Maintenance Include?

The HVAC service technician will inspect your system and check all connections that can affect your indoor comfort during the cooler winter months. You can expect the service technician to:

  • Inspect, test and lubricate all working parts.
  • Check wiring and all automatic controls.
  • Clean the flame sensor, blower motor and igniter.

Once you make sure these parts are in good condition, your heater should work properly throughout the winter.

Keep Your Family Safe

Checking carbon monoxide levels and inspecting the flue also keep your family safe. Working parts can develop tiny cracks during operation that can lead to excessive carbon monoxide production or even fire. Attending to these issues before they become dangerous is important for your family’s safety.

Maintain Indoor Air Quality

The heating side of your HVAC system affects indoor air quality as it moves heated air through your home. Removing dust and debris from moving parts and replacing the air filter will improve air quality and lead to superior comfort overall.

Stay Ahead of Repairs

Breakdowns always seem to happen on the coldest day of the year. While fall maintenance can’t completely prevent a breakdown, it can reduce the chances by replacing parts before they wear out.

Call Modern Air to schedule your fall maintenance or furnace installation. Continuously learning about the latest heating and cooling innovations, our service technicians can provide whatever HVAC services you need to stay comfortable all winter long.

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