Refrigerant leaks not only seriously adversely affect the performance of heat pumps but are also dangerous in their own right. Because of that, chances are you probably want to keep an eye on your heat pump’s refrigerant. The following are three signs of a heat pump with inadequate refrigerant levels in Jackson, MS:

Poor Performance

Without enough refrigerant, your heat pump will simply not be able to perform its functions adequately. If you’ve noticed that your pump has been performing poorly lately, the refrigerant may be to blame.

Of course, a vast number of other things may also cause your heat pump to work less efficiently, and you shouldn’t attach yourself to only one explanation. Still, if refrigerant levels are low, your system’s ability to transfer heat from one area to another will take a hit. As a result, if you can rule out common issues like clogged filters, it may be time to call a professional.

Hissing or Whistling Noises

One of the most common reasons for a refrigerant leak is a hole in your heat pump’s refrigerant lines. Abrasion, corrosion and other things may cause such a hole to develop, but when it appears, gaseous refrigerant will flow out of it. When this happens, the gas will probably make a hissing or whistling noise.

Sweet Chloroform-Like Odor

Refrigerant smells like chloroform or ether. It also has a vaguely sweet odor. The sudden presence of this smell in the air is a powerful sign of trouble and you should take it very seriously.

You should never try to replace lost refrigerant on your own. Attempting to do this will needlessly expose you to health hazards. Instead, remember that trained service technicians will happily do this for you as part of their HVAC maintenance services.

If you notice anything that might suggest an insufficient level of refrigerant in your heat pump, take action immediately. Call Modern Air to schedule heat pump repair services in Jackson, MS.

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