Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can be a real problem in Jackson, MS. In the same way that it’s important to be vigilant about reducing your exposure to outdoor air pollution, reducing the indoor air pollution in your home is also a great idea. Read on to learn about the four biggest threats to your home’s IAQ right now:

Lack of Ventilation

Your home isn’t a living being, but it does need to breathe from time to time. If fresh air isn’t able to come in and replace the old air in your home, you’ll end up with standing areas of indoor pollutants and contamination. These pollutants can cause everything from minor allergies to more serious health issues.

Excess Humidity

Too much humidity isn’t a problem during the winter, but it can cause many issues during the spring and summer. Mites, viruses and bacterial pathogens love to breed in humid air, so it’s important to invest in a high-quality dehumidifier. Hot, humid air can also cause your home’s furniture and carpeting to release formaldehyde and other hazardous compounds.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) and Off-Gassing

Simply put, off-gassing is the process of old furniture, paint, carpeting and woodwork leaking harmful chemicals into the air. Certain paints and coatings are notorious for slowly releasing formaldehyde. Fortunately, a high-quality air purifier like the REME HALO can help you solve problems with off-gassing.

Airborne Dust

On its own, airborne dust isn’t such a big deal. However, it’s often a carrier for various pathogens. If you have pets, dust can also carry dander and dead skin cells.

Worried about the IAQ in your home? Our team offers a variety of installation and maintenance services that can help boost your home’s indoor air quality immediately. To learn more about our indoor air quality solutions, contact Modern Air today.

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