A functioning commercial HVAC system doesn’t just keep you and your employees comfortable; it can keep your bills lower, too. It’s important to keep up on routine maintenance to prevent costly problems later. Here are five common commercial HVAC issues to look out for in Ridgeland, MS:

Old Filters

Old and dirty filters cause your HVAC system to use more power, which causes it to overwork. These dirty filters can reduce the life of your system. Thankfully, it’s easy to replace most filters to keep your indoor air quality good and breathable. You should do so every 30 to 90 days.

Bad Thermostat

Sometimes, what seems to be a problem with the HVAC unit ends up being the program running it. A dysfunctional thermostat can turn your business into a blazing desert or Antarctica, reducing indoor comfort for your staff and customers. Sometimes, temperature variations are the result of leaks or airflow problems.

Weird Sounds

Some sounds are normal when using a commercial HVAC system, especially after it’s been idle for a while. If you hear something clanging around, it may be a sign that something came loose and fell off. Even if it’s just a few loose screws or bolts, have a professional look at it. Otherwise, you risk a small issue worsening into a serious problem.

Drainage Problems

The drain line’s job is to remove any excess moisture within the commercial HVAC system. If it’s blocked, this moisture attracts dirt and microbial growth. Let this go on for too long, and you could expect to fork over big money for water damage repair.

Winter Bills

A little increase in your winter heating bills is normal. What isn’t normal is a massive increase. While increased energy use is sometimes the result of duct leaks, it could be a sign of poor insulation elsewhere in the business building.

It’s equally important to keep your business warm and safe in the coming months, so contact us at Modern Air for a maintenance visit. Not only will you be more comfortable at work, but your staff and customers will thank you.

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