Heat pumps have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. However, to make yours last this long, you’ll need to take great care of it. This guide provides essential tips for extending the lifespan of your heat pump in Brandon, MS.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Like most mechanical equipment, heat pumps need regular preventive maintenance to maintain efficiency and last longer. During seasonal maintenance, a service technician will perform several tasks to ensure the system runs at peak performance. They’ll re-calibrate the system, test the airflow and inspect the wiring.

Besides extending the heat pump’s lifespan, regular HVAC maintenance reduces energy consumption, helping you save money. Remember to schedule tuneup services twice a year.

Replace the Heat Pump’s Air Filters

The air filters inside the heat pump trap dust, pollen and other debris. The buildup of these pollutants can clog the system, causing restricted airflow. This strains the system, making it run twice as long to meet your desired room temperatures.

Always replace your air filters at least every three months, and increase the frequency to every 30 days as needed, depending on the season. Replacing the air filters is something you can do by yourself, but you should contact your HVAC service technician if you aren’t sure how to replace them.

Install a Properly Sized System

Using an undersized or oversized heat pump in your home reduces the system’s efficiency, shortening its lifespan. An undersized heat pump will have to run longer to cool or warm the room, while an oversized one may short-cycle and fail to control humidity sufficiently.

Before installing a heat pump, you should consult an HVAC service technician who will advise you on the most appropriate size for your home. A correctly sized heat pump is easy to use and maintain. If you live in Brandon, MS, contact Modern Air to schedule your next heat pump installation and maintenance service.

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