During the sweltering summer months in Jackson, MS, we always seek refuge in our air-conditioned homes. In some cases, strange noises coming from the air conditioner can cut our relaxing moments short. The following are three strange AC sounds and what they mean:

Buzzing Sounds

Buzzing AC sounds symbolize damaged isolation feet, a faulty compressor, loose parts or leaking refrigerant. AC system parts have to work harmoniously to efficiently cool your home. If one part gets damaged or becomes loose, the other parts have to work harder.

If these parts work harder than normal, they wear out faster than they should. That’s often the leading cause of the buzzing sound. Consequently, when your AC system starts making buzzing sounds, you should schedule professional air conditioning repair services.

Squealing Sounds

Squealing noises often symbolize slipped blower or fan bearings. When the belt system skips, you might hear the squealing sound both in and out of the house. In case the issue is the condenser fan’s motor bearings, your air conditioner will produce high-pitched squealing sounds.

Only older modeled air conditioning units use the belt system. Newer models use direct-drive motors with no belts. Whichever type of drive system the air conditioner uses, ensure it gets repaired to solve the squealing sounds.

Rattling Sounds

Rattling noises symbolize loose parts and an old air conditioning system. These noises may also tell of a clogging caused either by leaves or twigs. Rattling sounds also occur when the electrical contractor is faulty.

In some cases, the chattering sound could result from a loose fan. Whenever your air conditioner makes chattering sounds, you have to schedule AC repair and maintenance services. Service technicians will check for loose bolts or screws and tighten them to solve the issue.

Whenever you experience weird AC sounds, contact Modern Air for high-quality AC repair and maintenance services. We have the solutions to all types of weird AC noises, and we always promise promptness and professionalism in every project we handle.

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