Some Frequently Asked Questions at Modern Air in Jackson, MS


1. How often should I have my system checked?
We recommend having all air conditioning units tuned up in the spring before peak cooling season, and the heating equipment checked in the fall before the cold weather arrives. We offer a bi-annual maintenance agreement, to keep your system in year-round peak performance. We call this agreement an ESA, for Energy Savings Agreement. The ESA is the best value to protect your system and save energy; however we are always happy to schedule any type of maintenance or repair at your convenience. We do not require that our customers have an ESA.
2. If my air conditioner or heater is not working, how much will it cost to be repaired?

The service charge, also known as the diagnostic fee, is $82.00 plus tax for residential customers. Once a technician makes a diagnosis, they will go over the cost of the needed repair, offer options if there are any, and offer professional advice. Repair costs can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars and occasionally more in certain situations.
3. Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing for new systems through Wells Fargo.
4. Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates to replace equipment. We do not offer free estimates for repair. Please see explanation in question 2.
5. (a) Can you work on my system if you did not install it?
(b) How do I know if I have any parts warranty coverage still in force on my system?
(a) Yes, we service all major brands of heating and cooling equipment.

(b) We work with suppliers of all major brands. If there is still any warranty coverage on your system's part, we can determine that through the system serial numbers and can provide the warranty parts you need for your system.
6. What is the best temperature to set my thermostat?

The best temperature to set your thermostat is generally "whatever makes you comfortable". However, there are limitations to system design and building construction as well as energy cost to consider. Proper cooling design temperature is 73° +/- 2°. Proper heating design temperature is 70°. Typically for heating, the set point can be higher or lower to your comfort level with no consequences except for the amount of energy you are willing to consume. With cooling, systems and buildings are generally designed to be able to maintain approximately 20 degrees below the outdoor temperature. However, air conditioners should never be set below 70 degrees because in mild weather systems will "ice up" and in extreme hot and humid weather the system, ductwork and building can create excess condensation in unwanted places.
7. How often should I change my filter and what kind of filters should I use?

We recommend changing your filters monthly, but at least quarterly. Some judgment can be used on this as every household is different. We typically recommend "pleated" filters that are available at all home stores. If you have trouble finding certain sizes, we can provide filters by the case which contains 12 filters.
8. I see that you quoted me a Trane or a Lennox brand for my new unit, are they not the most expensive? Do you have anything cheaper?

We sell quality brand products that have strong support from their manufacturer in our area. Modern Air has volume buying power and our price for quality brands are competitive with all major brands and reputable companies. Buying from Modern Air means you get a high quality brand, quality installation, proper application, and excellent support.
9. What if my system goes down after hours or on the weekend?

Our normal business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We have a technician on call for after hours, weekends and holidays. Simply call the office number (601)922-6629. Your call will be forwarded to a cell phone where you will be asked to leave a message. A Modern Air employee will return your call promptly and set up the service call.
10. How long does it typically take to get serviced?

We normally service our customers on the same day. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are rare. Do not put off calling if you think your system is not working properly, making abnormal sounds, or leaking water. Call ASAP to schedule a time for us to check it.
11. What if I see ice on the pipe's connection to my air conditioner or indoor unit?

Turn the system off, turn the fan operation switch on, and give us a call. There are many possible malfunctions that can cause this but the system needs to thaw out so we can diagnose and correct it.