Although heat pumps run throughout the winter, they shouldn’t freeze up when operating properly. Consider the most common reasons that may cause your heat pump in Brandon, MS, to freeze up so that you can take the correct steps forward.

Refrigerant Level Is Low

Lack of refrigerant will cause your heat pump to freeze up. This causes the low-pressure area to get too cold, condensing and freezing moisture from the air. Low refrigerant likely means either a problem with the compressor or a refrigerant leak, both requiring professional heat pump repair.

Uneven Heat Pump Installation

To operate properly, the outside unit on a heat pump must have level installation. When it’s not level, it’ll cause excessive wear on the compressor and trap moisture. When moisture can’t escape, it’ll freeze, which will quickly compound into a more substantial frozen system.

Insufficient Airflow

Heat pumps depend on the ability to circulate air to absorb and vent heat. When the outside unit can’t circulate air properly, the refrigerant coils will freeze captured condensed moisture.

Causes of restricted airflow include dirty or damaged coil fins and debris caught in or too close to the outside unit. A failing fan motor will also reduce airflow through it.

Poor Placement

The proper installation for your system is on level ground, away from any areas that have water dripping. Constantly dripping water from bad gutters or poor placement can easily cause the system to freeze. Further, it can cause accelerated wear on the compressor and other components.

It’s Too Cold Outside

The colder the air is outside, the colder the refrigerant must become to continue absorbing heat. When temperatures get into the frigid range, it can cause too much moisture to condense and freeze to the coil. Not only does this cause freezing, but it also creates ineffective heating inside, which is why heat pumps have auxiliary heaters.

A heat pump that’s freezing up can stem from something as simple as needing maintenance or repair. Call to schedule a heat pump maintenance or repair visit with one of the trusted service technicians at Modern Air today.

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