If your furnace is overheating, you may detect a burning smell from your vents. The heating system may also turn on and off multiple times. We will discuss why a furnace overheats in Ridgeland, MS.

Poor Airflow

A furnace’s filter prevents dust, debris and other pollutants from contaminating the components. When the filter catches a lot of contaminants, it becomes blocked and doesn’t allow air to pass through freely.

This causes the furnace to overwork and overheat. Frequently changing your air filter helps your furnace operate without undue stress.

Mechanical Failure

Your furnace’s efficiency reduces as the system ages. This is because the parts have become worn out with time. Worn-out parts may prevent your furnace from properly cycling on and off, resulting in overheating.

Also, moving parts in your furnace may cause overheating if they aren’t well-lubricated. Consider scheduling regular furnace maintenance to have your system’s components cleaned and well-lubricated.

If your system is too old, consider replacing it with a new one to enjoy more energy savings, comfort and reduced breakdowns. Before installing a new furnace, always get a professional service technician to help you determine your house’s heating needs so that you only buy a properly sized heater.

Closed Vents

You may close some vents in the unoccupied rooms in your house to ensure heated air only gets to the occupied rooms. Although this practice may increase your comfort, you will hurt your furnace. This is because heated air may accumulate in the ducts, causing the system to overheat.

Sometimes, you may move your furniture too close to the vents, interfering with proper airflow. Always create enough space between your vents and furniture to promote unobstructed airflow.

Our service technicians accurately pinpoint the cause of problems and repair them as soon as possible. Contact Modern Air for quality HVAC services if your furnace is overheating.

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