Your air conditioner is vital for keeping your Pelahatchie, Mississippi, home cool. One of the main parts of the system is the evaporator coil. Without it,¬†your AC system won’t work correctly. Let’s look at the basics of how the air conditioner works and the role the evaporator coil plays.

Air Conditioner Basics

The air conditioning system has two main parts. The inside unit houses the air filter, evaporator coil and blower fan. The outside unit holds the compressor and condenser coil. A chemical coolant called refrigerant flows between the indoor and outdoor units. It’s responsible for absorbing heat from the inside of your home and expelling it outside. As a result, it helps to make your home feel cooler and more comfortable.

The Importance of the Evaporator Coil

The main job of the evaporator coil is to cool the refrigerant so that it can absorb the heat. As the fan blows air over the coil, the refrigerant becomes cold and turns into a vaporous state. The refrigerant then absorbs heat and flows to the outside unit where it goes through compression and pressurization to become a hot gas.

The Importance of the Compressor and Condenser Coil

As mentioned, the compressor changes the cold refrigerant into gas and sends it into the condenser coil. The coil dispels the hot air to the outside. The refrigerant then loops back to the inside unit in the house, gets cold again, absorbs heat and disperses it to the outside.

As long as the air conditioner is running, the refrigerant keeps up this continuous loop. Maintaining the proper level of refrigerant is vital or it won’t be able to absorb heat. It’s important to leave this service to trained service technicians as the evaporator coil needs special handling.

If you’d like to learn more about the workings of your air conditioner or need to schedule maintenance, give Modern Air a call today at (601) 202-5968. Our professionals are ready to serve you.

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