Your ductless HVAC system makes it easy to create heating and air conditioning zones in your Clinton, MS, home. While highly reliable, ductless systems sometimes experience problems like any other machine. Here are some ways to troubleshoot your ductless HVAC system and assess when it’s time to call in a professional:

Consider Issues With the Outdoor Unit

A ductless AC system comes with two components: an outdoor and an indoor unit. When experiencing a problem with your ductless system, it could be an issue with the outdoor unit. Sometimes, dust and debris build up inside the unit and cause damage that hinders its ability to heat or cool your home.

The dirt may prevent airflow or damage components that cause coolant leaks. It may also experience problems due to ice buildup during summer, which indicates a problem. When your ductless system experiences such issues, contact an HVAC service technician for repairs.

Check the Power Connect

If your ductless system won’t turn on, it could be due to a poor power connection. Start by checking your circuit breaker and ensure that it isn’t tripped. If it’s not, look for any damage to the cords and the plug of your unit. Also, ensure that the remote control has fresh batteries or use the reset button.

If you exhaust all these possible problems, it’s time you call a service technician for inspection and repair where necessary. Handling electrical problems by yourself endangers your safety.

Dirty Air Filters and Vents

Every time your system draws unconditioned air from the outside, it pulls in dirt and debris. Over time, the dirt and debris build up inside the vents and on air filters. This buildup reduces the system’s efficiency and lowers your comfort.

Professionals recommend changing your filters regularly to prevent a buildup of dust and debris. You can also check for dirt inside the vents, and if there’s any, contact a service technician for cleaning. A service technician can remove dirt from your entire ductless unit, not just the reachable areas.

Refrigerant Leaks

The ductless system uses a refrigerant solution to keep your environment cool. The refrigerant circulates through the outdoor and indoor units via cables. When these cables get damaged, the refrigerant starts leaking.

If you notice that your system turns on but doesn’t cool your home, the problem could be leaking refrigerant. Contact your HVAC contractor for repairs and recharging of the refrigerant to the recommended levels.

For more information about ductless AC, contact the team at Modern Air. Our service technicians can help you maintain your HVAC system and improve your indoor comfort.

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