You don’t have to burn up in the heat this summer in Jackson, Mississippi. Scheduling AC maintenance will make sure your home feels nice and cool when the temperatures rise. With a proper inspection, you can spot the warning signs and do something about it before the system fails.

Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coil looks almost like a car radiator surrounding the entire cabinet of your AC unit. It’s a complex system of refrigerant lines and other vital parts. When dust and debris clog the coils, it puts stress and strain on the system, reducing its overall efficiency. Use a soft cleaning brush to wipe away the dust and dirt before they go deeper into the unit.

Inspect the Refrigerant Tubing

The tubing delivers refrigerant coolant to the compressor, making the entire system work like it should. If the tubing leaks or gunk blocks it, the refrigerant can’t flow properly. The compressor will have to work even harder until it fails. Check for drips, leaks and other liquid along the tubes and at the bottom of the unit.

Check the Drain Pans

Your AC unit has drains much like your kitchen sink. If the condensate drain gets a clog, it causes several problems such as trapped moisture inside the unit and even your house. Make sure the drains are clean and don’t have any clogs that could cause a problem later.

Taking the time to inspect your AC system goes a long way in keeping the unit running its best this spring and summer. If you hear odd noises or notice leaks or corrosion, it’s important to contact a professional right away. Modern Air will inspect your cooling system, make the appropriate fixes and set you up with a routine AC maintenance program to prevent costly repairs later. Contact us today to learn more.

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