I had Modern Air replace two systems in my home.  The systems were 15 years old and poorly installed with below average ductwork.  Modern air installed two new Trane heat pumps and sealed my ductwork.  The previous summer I had electric bills of over $ 700.00, in the summer of 2008 with the new Trane systems, the highest electric bill I had was $ 215.00.  

Chuck Weimer- Watthour Engineering
Pearl, MS

A note from Shirley C. Rankin:  I appreciate the fact that you could come so quickly to repair the a/c during this heat wave. Thank You,  August 15, 2007

Shirley Rankin
Raymond, MS

A letter from Mr. Robert Denley: I just wanted to take a moment of your time to say "thank you" again for the excellent service and continuous effort that your staff put forth to solve the problem with my system.  Please extend my sincere thanks to the brothers, Mike, David, and Mark, and to your employees who went above and beyond  the level of service most companies provide.  Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors, I remain Sincerely Yours,

Robert Denley
Terry, MS

A email from Mr. Jim Hust: First off, I want to compliment your crew for things that they did do and things that they didn't do.

Did do:
1. Treated me,  Carolyn and our property with respect and consideration.
2. Stopped their work at any time to answer my questions.
3. Performed their work in a workmanlike manner.
4. Cleaned up after themselves at the end of each work session and  upon completion of the work.

Didn't do:
1. Play ghetto boxes which are prevalent on construction sites.
2. ' Jawbone ' each other with nonsensical chatter.
3. Stand around watching someone else work.

Thank you for sending this group to work with me.
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